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Lesson: What is stability?

What is stable in you?  What always remains the same?  Does your body stay the same?  Do your clothes stay the same?  Does your teacher stay the same, your family or your house?  Does the weather stay the same?  Look deeper.  Is there something inside of you that is forever?  When you sleep at night, are you still there?  What part of you?  Are your feelings always the same?  Some are more like the weather, aren't they?  Some are hot and fiery and burn quickly, like anger, some smolder, like jealousy, some frazzle and crack, making you jumpy, like fear and nervousness, and some are quick, like in a game of surprise.

But there is a sensation, more like a solid presence within.  It's like the feeling you have for your pet or for your favorite place where you go to feel safe.  It could also be how you feel when you are with your mom, dad, grandparent or favorite caregiver.  It also lives in your imagination. It comes from within you and is you more than all other things.  It is LOVE.  And love is not just a feeling.  Love is God and God is love and God is you.

Love is always and forever, the stable, balancing, calming, centering presence that abides in everyone and never leaves.  It is LOVE that is us all the time, the unconditional Love of the Divine Self.  The rest, our bodies, our surroundings, our emotions, everything our touch, taste, smell, feel, see can sense, are like the weather, they come and they go.

We can use the calming activities below to center in to that wonderful, stable God place in each one of us.  These activities also support the root chakra, our energy center of safety, stability, and groundedness.

Activity 1: Take 5 Breath

Hold your non-dominant hand out in front of you in a comfortable position. Starting from the thumb, with your other hand, trace the finger to the pinkie as you breath in.  Breathing out return to the thumb.  Do this 5 times.

This is a great exercise for centering and calming fears, anxiety and anger.

Activity 2: Deep Belly Breathing with Sea Otter Cove


Read out loud Sea Otter Cove: A Relaxation Story, Introducing Deep Breathing to Decrease Anxiety, Stress and Anger While Promoting Peaceful Sleep by Lori Lite and illustrated by Max Stasuyk. Also act out the book together, demonstrating the deep belly breathing techniques. Pretend you are laying on the rock, as the mermaid or the otter. This book is also available as an ebook from Google and other sites.

Activity 3: Make a feather mobile

picture credit: Scholastic


Simple tie feathers along a branch and hang the branch. You may also choose to paint the branch and the feathers. Now use your breath the make the feathers move. See how far away you can get from the mobile and still move it with your breath. Watch how the gentle breezes, or Earth's breath, move your mobile, even inside a still room. Can you feel these gentle breezes too?

Activity 4: Sing-a-long to I am the Earth

This is a wonderful song to share with your children and family. We often switch up the lines to talk about all that we are: a flower growing, a bird singing, a wolf howling. You'll love to hear what your kids think up!


I Am the Earth
Artist: Glyn Lehmann
Lyrics in parentheses are sung simultaneously, as a second melody, or part

I am the river flowing
I am the desert dry
I am the four winds blowing
I am the sunset sky
I am the forest breathing
I am the ocean wide
I am the storm clouds gathering
I am the mountain high

I am the Earth
I am the Earth
I am the Earth
I am the Earth

We are the children growing
You are the place we live
We are the seed you're sowing
We are the life you give
We are the future rising
We will be your voice
We will watch and learn from you
We will make the choice

I am the Earth
(You're in our hands)
I am the Earth
(We're in your care)
I am the Earth
(Together we stand)
I am the Earth

This moment in time we share
(I am the river flowing)
We are the children growing
(I am the desert dry)
You are the place we live
(I am the four winds blowing)
We are the seed you're sowing
(I am the sunset sky)
We are the life you give
(I am the forest breathing)
We will be your voice
(I am the storm clouds gathering)
We will make the choice

We share the future
Stand side by side
One Earth, one people
We'll turn the tide
And in the future
They'll say with pride
One Earth, one people
We turned the tide

Side by side
Side by side
Side by side

Peace and Blessings. Namasté

Core Routine Review: Affirmative Prayer for Kids

God Is
I Am
I Know
I Am Grateful
I Release and Let Go

This lesson supported and brought to you by the Center for Spiritual Awakening. Donate here to support this work and program.



This lesson is supported and brought to you by the Center for Spiritual Awakening. Donate here to support this work and program. Thank you!

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Center for Spiritual Awakening

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